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Counseling Services, LLC

About Syd-LYFE

Syd-LYFE Counseling Services (SLCS) provides individualized therapy and other counseling services to those that live in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Metropolitan areas.

What We Do




Psychosocial Rehabilitation


Case Management


Family Therapy


Crisis Intervention


Rose Mary Brown, Chief Financial Officers Tulsa Juvenile Centerd

Syd-Lyfe is an exemplary agency with amazing staff. They helped my family navigate through a very difficult time while respecting our privacy and family dynamic. I highly recommend their services to anyone

JaNore Scott

Syd-Lyfe is a top notch full service counseling service that provides resources to the community that have been lacking for many years. The professionalism of the staff and willingness to support the clients is second to none. 

Stephanie Williams, Case Manager Complete Homes Services of Oklahoma City

I am very pleased that I chose Syd-LYFE Counseling Services to provide services to our geriatric patients. Their commitment to counseling and the integrity of their staff make families of loved ones completely at ease knowing that they are provided proper mental health services.

Bobby Woodard

As a leader in the community I see the value of Syd-Lyfe in simply the location of the practice. To co-locate in a facility that serves its clients medical needs is a testament to the desire to meet clients where they are and provide comprehensive care
I still journal in that book you gave me. And I read that saying about letting go that you put in the front of it. Thank you so much for just putting that little thing in my hand, it's a big tool.

Dori Simmons

Syd-Life has successfully broken down the barriers about what it means to take care of ones mental health. During a time when understanding that mental health care is a vital resource to the success of children and adults alike, Syd-Lyfe sets the standard for care.


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