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Individual Counseling


Individual counseling will be conducted using face-to-face, one-on-one interaction between qualified staff and a client to promote emotional or psychological change to alleviate disorders. Individual therapy will be provided in an appropriate, private, confidential setting. Individual counseling will be goal directed utilizing techniques appropriate to the treatment plan. Frequency of individual counseling will be as is recommended in the individualized treatment plan according to the needs of each client. Staffing qualifications include LBHP.


Group Counseling


Group counseling will be conducted by treating behavioral health disorders and substance abuse needs using the interaction between a therapist and two or more patients to promote emotional and functional change to alleviate behavioral or emotional disorders. Group counseling will be directly related to the goals and objectives of the individual treatment plan. The frequency of this service shall be determined on an individual basis as recommended in the individual treatment plan. Staffing Qualifications include LBHP.

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