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Results you can count on.

Syd-LYFE Counseling Services uses surveys to determine the effectiveness of our goal to provide comprehensive, community-based mental health services. Data collected from persons served, personnel, and stakeholders (including school systems) for the 2022 fiscal year is as follows:

Consumer Survey Results_edited_edited.jpg

Strategic Plan

In consideration of the plan and initiative content, extensive analysis and in depth
critiques have been conducted to assess each facet of the Syd-LYFE Counseling
Services (SLCS) organization. The comprehensive review brought into focus the
strengths and opportunities that help our service thrive and the weaknesses and
threats that have any potential to harm the efficacy of our pursuits. An important
component of the assessment exercise was board and staff input, patient input, and anecdotal commentary from referral partners and licensing/accrediting bodies. This input has been gathered through live interview, focus groups and panel discussions.

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